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We Are All Riding Waves and Making Ripples

It was on a day like today (sunny, a touch warm, with spring smells in the air) some nine or ten years ago that I had a revelation at a park in North Seattle. I have never shared that a-ha moment with anyone until today. I was watching a duck paddle its way in a [...]

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Free Men’s Workshop – Lake Forest Park Sat April 8th

Men's Work is something I avoided for decades, but which I now embrace. The ManKind Project runs amazing trainings, and this one is an easy one to try out. "A Circle of Men" is free, it's local (Lake Forest Park, right near 3rd Place Books), and it's just one day - Saturday April 8th. I [...]

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“The Mask You Live In” – A Powerful Film on Masculine Culture

I gave this documentary recommendation to a counseling client the other day - The Mask You Live In, and was reminded that I haven't made a post about it, so here it is. "The Mask You Live In" is a powerful film about the cultural ideals, rules and roles men and boys are taught and [...]

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Free Men’s Workshop Next Saturday (1/7) in Lake Forest Park

Happy New Year everyone! The ManKind Project is putting on a free one-day workshop for men - it's next Saturday (1/7/17) in Lake Forest Park (just a few minutes north of Seattle). It's called "A Circle of Men", and I think provides a good introduction for the New Warrior Training Adventure. Here's the details - [...]

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The Next Time Someone Tells You To “Man Up”

Click on the blog post title to see the video....

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New to Seattle? 7 Tips for Making It Through The Long Rainy Season

I grew up in New York, where there were four distinct seasons. When I got to Seattle in 1999, I came to discover there are really only two seasons here. There's a warm, sunny period from July to October. And then there's a long amalgam of fall, winter and spring that seems to beĀ one very [...]

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An Introduction to Men’s Work – Free Workshop 10/8

I wrote last week on my other blog about the amazing experience I had at the Mankind Project's weekend training - The New Warrior Training Adventure. Well, I know it's a big thing to just commit to a weekend away (the time, energy and money) without knowing more. Good news! There's a chance to get [...]

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Think You’re Not Creative? Think Again.

I woke up this morning a little late, and a lot disoriented. It's a Saturday here, and my son had woken me up earlier, then I pulled the covers over me and fell back asleep. For me, morning dreams are notoriously vivid, and often result in what I call a "dream hangover" - an emotional [...]

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If You’re Asking “What Should I Do With My Life”, You’re Asking The Wrong Question…

I ran across this short video yesterday and was stunned by the clarity of how the speaker (a comedian, actually) spelled out the importance of knowing your MISSION if life. Your PURPOSE. The "Why" you are here. Because if you know the "Why" of your life, then you can not only find one or more [...]

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The Seattle Freeze is Still Alive…..

According to The Stranger's "I, Anonymous" column of last week, the Seattle Freeze is alive and well. This time, the writer is a woman who has been in Seattle for 3 years! So, while some may think it is being diluted (with the huge influx of transplants in the last couple of years) - I [...]

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