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Anxiety, worry and stress are part of the human condition. But for many people, the voice of anxiety can be a constant presence, the depth of worry can ruin days or nights, and panic attacks can interfere with living your normal life.

I understand. Anxiety and panic attacks are something I have experienced personally, and I have both a great understanding of them, and deep empathy for how much they can impact our experience of life.

I offer counseling and psychotherapy that can help you manage and lessen anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

It starts with understanding your particular experience of this built-in facet of the human brain. Anxiety and worry are evolutionary tools built into us that have helped us become the dominant species on the planet – it was good to worry about whether there was going to be a lion at the watering hole!

I then work with clients to be aware of how anxiety works in their body and mind – how it feels, what the triggers are, what their reactions to those thoughts and feelings are.

Finally, we look at all the tools available for managing fear, anxiety & panic attacks – from breathing and relaxation exercises, to mindfulness meditation, to cognitive behavioral therapy. We can even discuss referring you our for medications or other “biological interventions”, from MDs, Naturopaths, or acupuncturists.

When it comes to anxiety, I am all about what works – and have a good track record helping people get relief.

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