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My father would often counsel me (as fathers often do) to be thoughtful about what I chose for work and a career. “We spend too much of our lives there,” he would say. And I agree.

Our jobs and careers bring passion, purpose, meaning, identity, satisfaction, self-esteem, and income – or they don’t.

I am happy to help you sort out whatever issues you might be having around job and career.

Some the issues I do career counseling around include:

  • Choosing the right career
  • Changing careers
  • Knowing when it’s time to leave a company
  • Dealing with office politics
  • Understanding your own strengths, weaknesses & blind spots
  • Communication
  • Finding a company that fits you
  • Work/Life balance

I bring real-life experience to this part of my work. Before I became a counselor, I worked in IT jobs for over a decade, from large companies like IBM, to small companies, and even as an independent contractor. I changed careers in my mid-30’s, enduring a couple wrong paths before finding my second career as a psychotherapist.