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When I moved to Seattle in 1999, I was coming from a short stint in Tampa, Florida.

In six months in Tampa, I had built a great social life, made some life-long friends, and really felt a sense of community. I was sad to leave but was excited to start a life in Seattle.

I expected I would be able to build a social life just like the one I had in Tampa, or had in Westchester County, New York – where I grew up.

But Seattle was something different, entirely, and in trying to figure out what the heck I was going through, I stumbled onto The Seattle Freeze.

If you’re new to Seattle and experiencing loneliness, a sense of rejection, and a hard time finding community and building a social life, I can help. I offer counseling with some specific suggestions to both deal with it, and find those people, places and activities to build a life here in Seattle.

If you are suffering from The Seattle Freeze, I’m happy to help.

Most counseling for The Seattle Freeze is short-term in nature.