Whether we marry, how we “do” marriage, and whether we later choose to divorce are some of the biggest decisions we will ever make in our life – with the greatest long-term consequences for our happiness.

They are also some of the most personal decisions, and only you can decide them.

For many of us, we need a sounding board to help make these decisions, or to look at our part in our marriages and how we can improve it.

I help men clarify what they want, and how to act on it, at all stages of relationship:

  • Dating
  • Considering commitment
  • Engaged
  • Married
  • Currently in an affair – emotional or physical
  • Questioning leaving
  • Separated
  • Divorcing
  • Starting over

I find this work is especially needed for us men, because we often don’t have a circle of people we’d feel comfortable talking about these issues with, and thus often try to “figure it all out in our heads”. This can be a lonely, stressful and difficult place.